Which street did you live on? I belong to Glasgow….I grew up in Easterhouse, on Lochdockart Road. I am 70 now, and I live in Cranhill - I’m definitely what you’d call a typical Glaswegian.

Describe your house: We lived in a tenement. There were nine of us, and we were poor. Dad was a taxi driver and my mum did not keep well.

What school did you go to? I went to Rogerfield Primary and Lochend Secondary. My favourite subject was history.

Favourite local cinema? We used to go to the Saturday matinees at the pictures – it cost sixpence. When I was at my aunt Mary’s in Springburn, we would go to the Princess Picture House.

Where did you go dancing?: I went dancing at the Dennistoun Palais every Saturday morning without fail. We’d get the bus from Easterhouse. I loved it and I still speak about it to my friends. It was the time of the twist, of Chubby Checker and Little Eva and the Locomotion. It was for children, those sessions. I always loved to dance but sadly I had to give it up when I was older, when I developed emphysema.

Happiest memory?: I’ve often looked for video clips on YouTube and the like, to see if there are any from the time I was going to the Palais but I have never tracked any down. I was so happy then. If there was a DVD of the Denny Palais, I would definitely buy it.

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