Sushi is the kind of scran where if you don't order in heaps of it - you're left feeling hungry. 

It's also the kind of cuisine where if it's not fresh... it's awful. So it's a real toss-up trying somewhere new. For non-sushi lovers, I'm probably not selling it to you. But, when it's done right, it's unreal. 

Pickled Ginger had been recommended to me a few times by my fellow sushi-lover friends, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. 

Glasgow Times:

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The menu bursts with traditional Japanese options that cater to all dietary requirements - which impressed me almost instantly.

After a long 15 mins of debating, we opted for a mixed sushi platter. The menu didn't actually tell us what's in it, but we were willing to take the risk.

Feeling hungry, we also chucked in a prawn Katsu curry, vegetable tempura and chips. 

The order arrived within 40 minutes with the large portions beautifully presented. It came bearing all the sushi trimmings - including wasabi, ginger and soy sauce. It even came with chopsticks too.

Glasgow Times:

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All but the eel and crab were delicious. The vegetable tempura, salmon sushi, vegetable sushi, prawn suhi and katsu curry were favoured by a milestone. (So, the majority of the order, really).

The only red flag was noticing a fishy taste and smell that came from the crab. So, excluding that, the seafood was fresh and generally delightful. 

And sushi aside, the prawn Katsu was quite possibly the best I've ever had. The prawns were beautifully crisp with flavours bursting from the katsu curry sauce. 

I'll give Pickled Ginger a solid three-and-a-half stars out of five - with room for improvement on the crab and more details on the sushi platters on the takeaway menu.

For £57.99, I'd expect to pay this for a dine-in experience as opposed to takeaway, but nonetheless, I'll definitely be back.