BORIS Johnson landed in Glasgow yesterday morning on a quest to save the union from what increasingly appears to be its certain dissolution.

Poll after poll has found the Conservative Prime Minister is exceedingly unpopular north of the border.

His reception on the streets of Castlemilk, where Mr Johnson bumped elbows with soldiers giving the Covid vaccine at the leisure centre on a cold and drizzly day, was no warmer.

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Daniel Wilson, 22, events manager and DJ

“I think he should have locked the country down a lot faster than he did, like they did in New Zealand.

“But he’s just a guy trying to do his job so you can’t hate him for it.

Glasgow Times:

“It’s a bit hypocritical to come here when they’re shutting down borders and not letting anyone out.

“Having a trip here to save the union isn’t the wisest of moves.

“We just want to be able to see our family and friends, I don’t think the union is the first thing on anyone’s mind right now.

Jim Constant, 52, electrician

“I’m definitely not happy with Boris Johnston coming up here today. Why should he when we can’t go to shops without a mask on? We all know he’s a liar.

“I think he’s got a better chance of finding rocking-horse poo in Castlemilk than Tories.

Glasgow Times:

“No one here is well off. Why would anyone from a housing estate have anything in common with an Etonian, who doesn’t know how to live like this?

“He thinks he is above the law and by him acting like that to promote the union, he is disregarding everyone else’s health and safety.”

John Milne, 74, retired

“I voted to stay in the UK and I always will but I don’t fancy him as a leader.

“He’s like the love-child of Donald Trump. Both of them are useless and self-obsessed.

Glasgow Times:

“He’ll do the cause of the SNP a lot of good coming here. I don’t want them as a government either.

“It’s undermining the restrictions to come here. He’ll probably say it’s essential travel but to me, he’s sold us out.

Melanie Curley, 17, nursery worker

“I don’t think he should be here. If we’re not allowed to travel then why is he? I don’t get that.

“I don’t think this visit will save the union.

Glasgow Times:

“We’re not allowed to go and see our families and do what we need to do but he could easily have done this from England, there’s no need for him to have come up.”

David Dempsie, 37, unemployed

“I’m definitely not a fan of him.

“This isn’t essential travel. My partner’s parents stay in Essex and we can’t go and visit them but he can come up to Castlemilk?

Glasgow Times:

“I think this visit will help the independence cause. He’s flouting Scots Law, he’s showing complete disregard for Scotland. His views are well known that he doesn’t think Scottish people should be Prime Minister, so we know what he thinks of Scotland. He’s the best thing for independence.

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“We’ve shown that we want a completely different future than England and be connected to Europe and not America’s lapdogs.”

David Smith, 36, database administrator

“I’m not surprised by his visit, I think it’s indicative of the attitude that he’s got and the arrogance he has that he believes he can come up and solve any problem just with his own personal charisma.

“It’s ignorant of how people actually feel about him in Scotland.

Glasgow Times:

“Obviously this trip won’t save the union, I don’t think anyone in the Conservative party would be successful in that, to be honest.

“I think independence is inevitable in the longer term.

“It’s highly irresponsible to make this journey in the midst of a pandemic, as Nicola Sturgeon said.”

Political reaction

Castlemilk, on the south-eastern edge of Glasgow, is represented in both the Scottish and British parliaments by the SNP, who were vocal in their condemnation of Mr Johnson's visit.  

James Dornan, the area's MSP accused the Prime Minister of having “never shown the slightest interest in the people of Castlemilk”.

He added: “Tory policies have blighted our local communities for decades, and there is little wonder Johnson has only shown his face at a time when everyone else is being told to stay at home.

“Mr Johnson’s trip is notable for one reason only – he will be the last ever UK Prime Minister to visit Glasgow’s South Side before Scotland becomes independent.”

His nationalist colleague Stewart McDonald, who represents the Castlemilk in Westminster called the visit a “photo opportunity” and condemned Mr Johnson’s union-saving mission.

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He added: “I acknowledge and share the desire to thank the members of our armed services for their diligence, hard work, and expertise in setting up facilities to support the mass vaccination centres, but the best way to pay tribute to the those in the armed forces is to pay them a proper wage, improve their working conditions and better support armed forces families.”

But MSP for Glasgow Anas Sarwar, who is running to be the new Scottish Labour leader claimed the row over the trip was "manufactured". 

The former Glasgow Central MP said: "Both the Prime Minister and First Minister say they want to bring our country together, yet all they seem focused on is division. 

“They should both be entirely focused on defeating Covid. People expect their governments to work together in the national interest.”