THERE was much hilarity in the Celtic dressing room back in 1988, as the club prepared to celebrate its centenary year.

Determined to honour the original line-up, the team decided to dress up in their honour, complete with calf-length knickerbocker shorts, baggy shirts and ankle-length boots.

Evening Times sportswriter Alan Davidson wrote that, as the new look took shape in the dressing-room, watched by cleaning ladies and ground-staff boys, the players were taken aback by how different things were for their predecessors.

A team from Wildcat Theatre added some final flourishes – a dollop of Brylcreem on the players’ hair and some fine old moustaches on to their upper lips – moustaches that, as Davidson observed, “Lord Kitchener would have been proud to sport”.

Our photograph shows Roy Aitken and Paul McStay in 1888 garb.

Manager Billy McNeill said: “I am a traditionalist, and it is a source of great pride to me and the current playing staff that we at this club are part of something great that was formed one hundred years ago.”