WHY is it that every time this Scottish Government imposes an increase, it is always the OAPs who are penalised most?!

Now it’s an increase in our water bills, as reported by the Glasgow Times on February 2.

So be it, but be fair in apportioning of the increase.

My wife and I, both 85, are “fortunate” enough to still live in our three-bed family home (band E) after many happy years.

Constantly aware of the environment, we save, where we can, water, electricity and gas.

However, near to us is the same size house with two working parents and three working adult sons, with five cars in the drive which are being constantly washed every weekend. Add to this the amount of water being used indoors and tell me this the SNP’s “fair and equal” policy.

I wrote to Nicola Sturgeon two years ago asking about fitting water meters to all homes and businesses thus ensuring “everyone” pays their fair share. Alas, I still await a reply.


East Kilbride

I WAS so saddened when I heard that Captain Sir Tom Moore, right, had died, a truly remarkable, honourable and humble gentleman.

At 100 years of age, walking daily and managing to raise more than £32 million for our NHS, he made people rethink how important our NHS is to us, a lesson our government should pay attention to and act on.

I was so glad that he was knighted by the Queen and acknowledged for his remarkable achievement which his family must be so proud off.

However, I feel our government has to do a lot more to recognise and celebrate what he achieved for the NHS and for him to be remembered in later years for it, so I would like to suggest that either a hospital be named after him or a statue of him be erected, that’s the least our government should do.



BECAUSE I dare criticise the morons who have been in charge of Scotland for the past 13 years, I hate Scotland? No, I hate imbeciles who have managed to destroy Scotland.

MA and his nationalist clique have made this country a laughing stock in the world.

We have a global pandemic and the nationalists are still demanding a referendum, DUH, who hates Scotland.


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