Young people across Scotland are being urged to stay vigilant online as part of Safer Internet Day today.

A variety of online events are set to take place as part of this year’s CyberScotland Week which will take place between February 22-28. There will be a variety of online seminars and tools available and young people will have the opportunity to hear from experts in cyber securty and safety.

Ciara Mitchell, Head of Cyber at ScotlandIS, said: “Keeping children safe online is a huge challenge for the digital and cyber industries and initiatives such as Safer Internet Day shine an important light on the issue.

"More importantly, it also encourages and disseminates useful information to help detect misinformation online.

"This is reflected in the events during CyberScotland Week this month, where we are looking forward to insights and discussions amongst some of the leading voices in this field.”

Professor Renaud added: “With our children using the Internet more than ever due to the pandemic, it is absolutely vital that we inform and educate our young people, as well as their carers and teachers.

"By instilling good cyber hygiene from an early age, we can form positive behaviours that will safeguard our children’s cyber safety and security through their teenage years and into adulthood.”

A number of other CyberScotland Week events focus on internet safety including:

• Wed 24th Feb – Avoiding scammers and schemers – keeping users safe online

• Thu 25th Feb – How to promote digital safety in an accessible manner

• Fri 26th Feb – How to promote digital safety to those with low IT confidence

Readers can view the full schedule here.