I NOTE there are 19 potholes located at George Square across from the Counting House.

I would dread to think how the leader of the council and Lord Provost will explain the problems of potholes, lights broken, fly-tipping, graffiti and litter to the world leaders attending the COP26 summit in Glasgow later this year.

Name and address supplied

I WAS pleased to read that leftover vaccinations are being used for police officers.

This makes sense.

I hope more frontline workers can benefit from this as these people are placing themselves at risk every day as they carry out their duties.



SCOTLAND is the only country in the world where opposition parties are actually hoping the vaccine programme fails in order to score political points. They are an absolute embarrassment.



OUR readers reacted on our Facebook page to news that Dorothy Perkins, Burton and Wallis stores are to close as Boohoo snaps up the brands. Here’s a selection of comments...

I for one hate buying clothes online. I would rather visit a shop to check sizes and material.

Sizes differ, even in the same size there can be a slight difference. Sad day when clothes shopping could possibly become a thing of the past.

Linda McCready

So sad for all the staff.

I enjoy nothing better than being physically in the store so I can compare fabrics, cut and materials.

Sharlene Louden

So sad – high streets are going to look so different after lockdown.

Susan Irwin

That’s terrible. It’s not the staff’s fault about Covid.

Soon we’ll have no shops. Ridiculous.

Isabel Ennis

There will be no shops soon as they will all be online. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Covid has just made it 50 times worse! Killed them right off – not right. So many jobs lost.

Pamela Kerr

It is terrifying the impact on the high street.

Soon, the only stores on our high streets will be small supermarkets, bookmakers and charity shops. Local authorities are going to have to help with discounted rent to help firms.

Ann-Marie Stewart