PROPOSALS to open a new supermarket in Glasgow’s South Side have been given the green light by city councillors.

Residents will soon benefit from discount store Farmfoods on Pollok’s Peat Road at the site of former car dealership Arnold Clark which closed eight years ago.

While creating up to 20 jobs and 15 car parking spaces, Farmfoods will offer its services seven days a week. The application was brought before committee yesterday morning. (Tuesday)

Despite initial concerns about the need for another supermarket store and number of parking spaces, councillors agreed that proposals were satisfactory.

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Councillor Elaine McSporran said: “This is close by my own ward and where I live. Farmfoods was previously a unit within the Pollok Shopping Centre and when that was rebuilt as Silverburn, the Farmfoods store was removed.

“It’s certainly a store that is important to the community. The surrounding ones are found within Darnley, Hillington and Cardonald. They are not nearby, and most people will walk to get their groceries.

“The number of people who used to walk to the Pollok Centre will continue to do that. This is a much-needed facility in the area and it was a shop that was taken away. It will provide good quality food at affordable prices within that community.”

Members discussed how the store would fill a site which has lain vacant for eight years.

Councillor Robert Connelly added: “This is a brownfield site which is in need of some sort of development. I think it is really good that we have got something coming into that area of land.

“I do understand the concerns surrounding congestion and the impact that might have. I think the shop itself will be good for the area which is crying out for a store like this.”

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Councillor Jane Morgan asked: “Could the council officer confirm if the number of parking spaces is a requirement of the council or the applicant’s choice because we have been told a lot of people will walk and car parks are usually empty.”

She was informed by the officer that the 15 spaces were a council requirement, but trees would be planted along the footpath to make it more attractive.

Following the discussion members unanimously agreed to grant planning permission.