Spending the first Valentine’s Day with the person you are seeing can be stressful.

After all, it is Valentine's Day, a day for romance, a day for grand gestures and joy, and there are three words that can potentially make or break the big day.

Three words which are sometimes best left unspoken. Three words that can either bring an evening of happiness or a lifetime of regret.

Those three words are as follows: I don’t mind.

This is what I got told when I asked my date what she wanted to do for our Valentine’s dinner.

I know what you are thinking - is it true? Does she really not mind or is she just saying that to test where I will suggest?

Glasgow Times:

These are the little things that can send a wave of anxiety through your body. The last thing you want to do is leave somebody feeling disappointed and, more importantly, hangry, after a takeaway.

But there was no danger of that here. Everything sounded unbelievable, so we ordered a lot.

I would love to say we sat there and chatted away as we elegantly tucked into our food - but that would be a lie.

The silence across the table was not one of a couple who were peacefully enjoying each other's company. Far from it. The tranquillity was one of two people thoroughly enjoying some top-class scran.

The highlights were definitely the gyros, spanakopita and the king prawns with garlic and chilli. All cooked to perfection, tasted fresh and, despite a delivery from the South Side to the West End, hot.

However, we also accompanied these dolmades, mixed olives, hummus and, of course, some hand-cut chips and cheese.

So whether you are sat worrying about what flowers to get, which chocolates they would like the most at least I can have you covered for one thing - order Halloumi for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Now, in my case, I knew my date as a friend before - so it makes things a bit easier. I know her likes (plants and news) and her dislikes (me constantly talking) but I am aware that it is not always easy.

So, try not to stress, it is only one day and if you do the simple things right then you should be fine.

Besides, nothing quite screams romance like getting your Valentine’s dinner on expenses. Sorry, I’ll do better next year.