A PLANNING application to decide whether a Starbucks should open in the city’s East End has been delayed a second time.

Proposals for the drive-through coffee shop at 232 Alexandra Parade were brought before members of the planning committee on Tuesday morning but had to be continued until the next meeting because councillors did not have all the facts before them.

A council officer advised chairman Glenn Elder that an error had made on the red line boundary at the exit point which meant the information going to committee was incomplete.

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Following the meeting Green councillor Kim Long said that plans to develop another drive-through coffee shop in the area could “wipe out” local businesses.

Ms Long said: “Driving up traffic, late night noise and non-recyclable litter is the last thing the people of Dennistoun need.

“Our community already has incredible local businesses doing some of the best coffee around – we don’t need a giant company to jump in and wipe out local shops.

“What’s more, the council should absolutely not be giving the go ahead to anything driving up car use during a climate emergency.

“We need to make walking, cycling and wheeling the best way to get around, and invest in public transport, not pander to yesterday's car culture. For a city about to host the world’s climate conference, this drive through would be an embarrassment."

Proposals for the Starbucks were previously withdrawn in April 2019 because of parking concerns and the number of vehicles entering the site on a busy road. A fresh bid was submitted to Glasgow City Council in January last year.

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Applicant, Motor Fuel Group, says the new submission has changed the layout and reduced the number of planned parking spots to six including three blue badge spaces.

But objectors are still concerned about the increased noise, littering and traffic pollution which could be created as a result of this development.

The application is expected to return to committee next months where members will have to make a final decision.

They will need to decide if the development will benefit the area economically or if a something else should be built in its place.