NEWS that vaccine numbers are reaching 1,000,000 this week is encouraging, and I hope as many people as possible take it when offered.

The quicker we can get us all back to normal the better!

I for one am looking forward to the day when we can all meet up again with friends and family without living in fear of Covid which – thanks to the vaccine – doesn’t seem too far away now.

Katherine T


I LOVE your weekly Times Past pull-out. It made me think back to the days when my grandad used to lift me over the turnstiles when he took me to watch Junior football team Petershill play in Springburn.

It was such a great atmosphere and I looked forward to every weekend when he would come to collect me to go to the game.

Stephen James

Via email

THE announcement from the UK Government that UK residents face £10,000 fines and a jail sentence for breaking new travel rules sparked many comments on our Facebook page. Here’s a selection of them...

GOOD luck getting 10 grand off the normal man and woman.

Steven Jones

DOES that include Boris Johnson (right) who made non-essential travel to Scotland?

Angela Menzies

BIT of a farce – the fine and the imprisonment threat – as the average Joe Bloggs would never be able to afford that fine.

If you murder someone you can escape jail or get a lesser sentence than what they intend to hand out for not staying put in the hotel/homes.

Honestly couldn’t make this farce up!

Margaret Currie Dunsmuir

LOCK airports, boat terminals, ban all incoming traffic, so we can beat this pandemic. Keep Boris down south.

Billy Callander

IF this is the right thing to do, why did the Government not do it last March?

Only a collection of idiots would keep all the ports and airports open if we were truly in a dangerous pandemic.

Joe McJoe

WHO is going to risk going abroad if they have to fork out thousands to stay in a hotel when they return?

I don’t see how this system can work. I feel sorry for hotel staff having to deal with “guests”.

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