WITH regards the Metro plan for Glasgow, I think it’s a fantastic idea and well overdue.

When you see the amazing transport links most major cities already have, it’s obvious Glasgow has been lagging way behind for far too long in this respect.

This will make a huge difference in the future, while creating lots of employment opportunities and bringing much-needed money into the economy in the longer term.

Jeanette Rogers

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GLAD to see Susan Aitken getting a bit of bus-bashing into her column about the Glasgow Metro proposals (Susan Aitken: Glasgow Metro will improve lives of our left-behind communities, February 10).

This is the sort of thing we need. Too often the SNP pursue the gently, gently method of politics which keeps everyone “pals” without stirring the pot or getting anything done.

We desperately need a bold, comprehensive Metro system to cover Glasgow and its dormitory suburbs. But this needs imagination, nerve and vision from our leaders. And they can’t be afraid to step on some toes to get it done. More of this, please.

Hopefully of Garthland Drive

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WHEN are councils going to ban sledging and skiing in town centres?

Roads and pavements are dangerously slippy and creating a health hazard, particularly for pensioners.

Alexander Morrison

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OUR story on a binman being injured while working in poor weather conditions sparked many comments on our Facebook page. Here’s a selection...

IT’S a dangerous job these guys face every day.

Between traffic, rats, needles, out in all weathers, and probably the biggest threat is irate public.

The lowest-paid binmen in Scotland.

My mate works for the council and says the abuse they get is shocking.

Neil White

I CLEAR the snow in my work everytime it’s snowing. If I fall I don’t blame my work.

Everyone knows to be careful with ice about. If he’s had to take time off because of it then they should pay him but he can’t blame them for snow.

Charlene Burns

SINCERELY hope the man is okay but does this not happen with every job that’s outdoors with bad weather?

Every job outside would have an increase in chance of a fall.

Leanne Lynch

WHY has there

not been gritters on Sauchiehall Street pedestrian precinct in the city centre?

People are falling on

the ice there as there’s

not a bit of grit put


Stuart Ferguson

HAZARDS of the job but at least they will be looked after financially while he safely recovers.

Some of us don’t have that luxury of financial backing while in recovery from an accident at work.

Marcus Aurelius

MY area’s side roads are a virtual skating rink.

It’s incredibly dangerous to move quickly about. So my sympathy is with those who do this job in these treacherous conditions.

At the very least they should be provided with special non-slip footwear.

William Love

THERE are roads which will not be treated during this weather as they are not primary or secondary routes.

Councils don’t have the resources to grit and treat every single road.

North Lanarkshire suspended bin collections, however, the number of people who expect the crews to go out in weather they themselves wouldn’t drive in just shows how selfish some can be.

Colin MacEwan

COUNCIL is to blame. It sent out its binmen to work on roads it hadn’t properly gritted.

Andrew Jamieson

I FEEL sorry for refuse workers having to go out in these conditions but they know what they signed up for – and they live in Glasgow afterall!

Rebecca Craig