THE horrific proposals to destroy even more of our heritage is evident in the plans to create a new interior for the Langside Halls.

It is already a venue where events can take place so why has it got to be torn apart inside?

It will be just like every other faceless modern events area.

The Langside Halls has something that is worth its weight in gold namely atmosphere.

Don’t let the short-sighted trust planners deprive us of any more of our cultural heritage with architectural vandalism under the banner – what the community wants.

They are clearly out to privatise the building and make it just another way of gaining revenue to load their already fat cat pockets.

Catherine McLean

Via email

I READ with interest that SWG3 has been granted £540,000 to deliver a street art project.

Might it have been cheaper to round up some ‘graffiti artists’ from the train depots or wherever they mill around these days and set them to work?

I’m sure they do it in the dead of night free of charge.

Are they hiring Banksy, for God’s sake?

H Lyttleton,


OUR Facebook page had lots of readers revealing whether or not they have been vaccinated yet. Here’s a selection of reponses...

I had the vaccine and feel great. Happy days ahead.

Mary Smith

I had my jag on Thursday and through the night was very sick and couldn’t stop shaking. I’m okay now and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Betty Clark

I’m due my second at the start April and have been absolutely fine.

People need to remember everything comes with side effects and it affects everyone differently.

Nicole Yuille

I’ve had mine with no ill effects, and the people spreading misinformation should take a good long hard look at themselves.

Ross Robertson

I have had my first one two weeks ago today and thankfully had no side effects – just a sore arm for two days!

Susan Innes

Nope, I refused mine based on the fact there are no long-term health studies.

There was no animal testing and it uses a completely new technology.

For a virus which has a very small chance of doing damage to a guy my age, and before anyone says “it’s for other people’s safety”, no it’s not. When it comes to having a fast-tracked vaccine injected into my body, then I have every right to say no thanks.

Martin Rea

I had mine on Monday afternoon with no side effects then had my arthritis injection on Thursday and all good.

Mary Crearie

Given the choice of some unpleasant side effects for a day or two, which can happen with all drugs, not just this vaccination, or contracting Covid-19, I’d far rather take my chances and know the benefits by far outweigh the risks.

Those who are trying to downgrade, or find arguments against the vaccination need to take a long hard look at themselves, as it is them who will ultimately see the lockdown restrictions go on longer by their own actions.

Jill Ferguson

I got mine no problems. Thanks to all the NHS staff.

Marion Swinburne