RECENT events have made me ask myself, what is the difference between Trump and the SNP with their attitude towards democracy? I have concluded, none.

There is no need for me to justify my claim about Trump.

However, the SNP do worry me. They currently do not have a majority Government in a devolved Scotland. This came about because of a democratic election.

A majority of the Scottish electorate then voted for the UK to stay in the EU, during the so-called Brexit election. The SNP now claim that this majority voted for Scotland to stay in the EU. That question was not asked on the ballot paper. I know a number of people who voted against Scotland’s independence, but voted for the UK to stay in the EU.

The SNP can’t accept that they have no right to claim that the results of ballot papers give them a mandate to proceed with issues that weren’t raised in any ballot.

The SNP supporters are now jumping on the bandwagon because a number of recent polls CLAIM a majority of Scots want an independent Scotland.

My response to that is, let’s see what the silent majority vote is, from people like me who will ask: where is all the money going to come from to pay off the billions of pounds of debt an independent Scotland’s population will have to pay back, if and when we get back to “normality”?

What currency will we use to pay it back?

Daniel Harris

Via email

I PHONED Glasgow City Council’s customer complaints phone number to follow up a complaint about council tax not being fixed. I was told I would be put on hold, got cut off, tried phoning back twice and no answer.

Why are council tax payers being treated in such a derisive way and why are we not getting a tax reduction for many services not delivered?

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AS I write, more than 14 million have had their first dose. Within day, the top four priority groups including all over-70s will have had at least one dose. Within week,s the protection of the vaccines will have kicked in. Death rates will soon plummet.

Very soon a crucial question will have to be answered. With the vulnerable protected, can we justify continuing Covid restrictions on the majority for whom it will be just another illness, to be coped with like a winter flu?

The answer can only be no. With the vulnerable protected, all Covid restrictions should end before Easter Sunday on April 4.

Otto Inglis

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