The announcement of a phased return to Scottish schools is expected to be revealed tomorrow.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will confirm whether or not the phased approach will go ahead. 

From February 22, primary one to three pupils are expected to return on a full-time basis, meanwhile, senior pupils will only be allowed to go back part-time to attend key coursework classes. 

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Ministers are drawing up a final decision on the proposed plans today, with the announcement expected to be made at 12.15pm tomorrow during the daily coronavirus media briefing. 

Professor Jason Leitch said: “I and my colleagues - with the modellers, with the statisticians, with the public health leaders - will give advice to the First Minister, the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet and they will decide on Monday whether schools should open, even in this limited way."

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Health Minister, Jeane Freeman added: “While the news that we are reporting is better news than we have been reporting about case numbers and numbers in ICU, those are still high case numbers and people are dying in numbers that are of huge regret to all of us - so our approach must be a cautious one.

“The Cabinet will meet at the start of the week and review all of that information, take advice from colleagues like Jason and the chief medical officer and make a final decision next week on whether that planned limited reopening of education can still go ahead."