A woman who wrote a book in memory of a young child who died has been awarded a Point Of Light award by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Jenny Lucas, 32 from Bearsden, turned her hand to writing to create 'Chicken Legs Arroyo' after being inspired by her close friend's daughter, Maisie, who was diagnosed with a malignant rhabdoid tumour at six months old.

Maisie sadly passed away in September 2020, with Jenny now using the book to help remember the one-year-old.

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She said: "I originally created the book as a birthday present, but Maisie was diagnosed just after I started work on it.

"I finished the book the day after Maisie's birthday, but unfortunately she passed away around a week later.

"I know that the book brought a lot of comfort to Maisie's mum and dad, and I wanted to help other families who had been and are going through the same thing.

"I decided to use it to help raise money for LoveOliver, who have helped the family get through so much."

The book has helped to raise around £5,000 so far for kids cancer charity LoveOliver, with all proceeds going to the group.

Now, thanks to her fundraising efforts, Jenny has been recognised with a prestigious award from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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The Points of Light award is given to those who have made a difference in their community, with previous recipients including Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Jenny said: "When I got the e-mail telling me about the Point of Light award, I actually thought it was a spam e-mail.

"It was a big surprise, I wasn't expecting it.

"As much as I've been given this award, it really is for Maisie and for all the families that have been helped by the book."

In his letter to Jenny awarding her the accolade, Boris Johnson said: “You have made a beautiful tribute to Maisie’s life with your heartwarming book ‘Chicken Legs’ Arroyo’. Through grief you have created a universal story of strength and bravery."

“The thousands of pounds raised for ‘LoveOliver’ will boost research into childhood cancer and provide practical and emotional support for families. This is a wonderful tribute to Maisie.”

The award comes as an extra surprise to Jenny, who had never created or published a book before writing and illustrating 'Chicken Legs Arroyo'.

She said: "This was the first time I had ever done something like this and I'm glad I went for it.

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"I'm really pleased with how it turned out and so thankful to everyone who has supported the book and in turn has supported LoveOliver.

"So many people have been kind enough to buy the book, and I'm even seeing it go all over the world.

"As proud as I am of my work on this, this is Maisie's book, not mines.

"It's bittersweet but I'm glad that it has brought comfort to so many people."

Chicken Legs Arroyo can be bought at chickenlegsarroyo.co.uk.