KEY civilian workers at Police Scotland could be faced with wage cuts of up to £2000 per year if the force presses ahead with plans opposed by a Glasgow MSP.

Members of staff within the Criminal Justice Services division at the national force are facing “restructuring” proposals from police bosses.

James Kelly, a Labour MSP for Glasgow, argued the proposals risked making staff who had kept the force running throughout the pandemic feel unvalued.

In a letter to Iain Livingston, the chief constable, he wrote: “Whilst they are not public-facing officers, people within the department are still key-workers and their important work should be rewarded – not penalised.

“I understand that senior officers make their gratitude known to staff verbally on an internal basis but a potential pay reduction would undermine any previous efforts to ensure workers feel valued.”

Mr Kelly added that a wage cut could impact staff an “already financially precarious time”.

Glasgow Times: James Kelly James Kelly

The plans have not been finalised but job evaluations have taken place and it is expected salaries will be changed as a result.

Kenny MacDonald, the assistant chief constable said the restructuring would “standardise processes and enhance efficiency within the division”.

He added: ““This has involved carrying out job evaluations of all relevant personnel and where required, restructuring salary scales to reflect new job descriptions.

“We recognise the potential impact this process can have on affected staff and as such we are consulting them throughout the process, including offering the opportunity for counter proposals and continue to liaise closely with our trades union colleagues at all stages.”

Police Scotland would not confirm the number of workers who may be affected by the changes or how much money would be involved because a consultation with staff was ongoing.