Ex-Rangers boss Stuart McCall has blasted the club's alleged rule breakers and branded them the 'thickest people on the planet' if they have indeed broken strict protocols.

Some Ibrox stars are alleged to have attended a house party last weekend which sparked an internal probe. It comes after a similar incident back in November when Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were both suspended following an investigation when they were found to have attended a gathering.

McCall admits he was 'astounded' at the allegations and claims manager Steven Gerrard will be disappointed in his players should it prove to be true.

"I'm absolutely astounded, especially because it's happened not so long ago with two Rangers players," McCall told BBC Sportsound. "So, you can imagine the meetings they've had at the football club, Steven Gerrard and everyone throughout the club, knowing the rules, we all know the rules.

"You saw the punishments the other two lads have had, you've got a European game coming up on Thursday, you've got a chance to go and win a title.

"Honestly, they must be the thickest people on the planet because it defies sense, doesn't it? Common sense.

"It's not been proven yet but it looks like it's taken place. I'm sure every Rangers supporter will feel let down and also Steven Gerrard as much as anyone.

"You're disrespecting him and the football club by going and breaking the rules that could hurt your football club. It's crazy."