DOES anyone else feel that watching television today is very depressing? 

The national and local news is full of Covid-19 coverage with special documentaries and other programmes covering the subject. The adverts are full of companies selling life insurance and funeral coverage, with loads of appeals to save donkeys and other unfortunate animals.

I fully realise we have to be informed and that some of these charities are desperately seeking funding, but the extent of this coverage is driving me to just stay with the movie channels for some escapism.

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I READ your item last week on the 1958 Cycling Proficiency Test. 

This should be brought back as nearly all cyclists are on pavements, and the pedestrians have to give way to these selfish, ignorant, arrogant people.


IN response to Stewart Campbell’s comments from the website on Monday, there is only one “waste monster” and she sits in Edinburgh.

If it were not for the UK Government giving her the funds to battle this pandemic, Scotland would be bankrupt. 

Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon Nicola Sturgeon

I agree an independent Scotland wouldn’t have this problem because we would be living in tin huts and tents.

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IT’S reassuring to see a lot of police officers and patrols on the streets and roads over the weekend.

Hopefully this will help deter people from driving long distances for exercise.

Stay within your council area. It’s not rocket science. Just stick to the rules or we will be in lockdown for much longer than required.

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VACCINE passports? Identity Cards by the back door. Once introduced – if not strongly resisted – they will stay. Second World War ID cards were not abolished until 1952, then by the judges against a grudging government. 

Those who support Vaccine ID Cards must explain what harm is done by an unvaccinated person mixing with vaccinated ones. Who suffers?

I will joyfully take my vaccine in my turn. I will never accept a Vaccine ID Card and will boycott any organisation that demands them. And I’ll buy shares in window shutter and security protection companies. 

Barry Tighe
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