Earliest memory of Glasgow? I am 84 now but I still remember the sound of the bombs dropping on the night of the Clydebank Blitz, March 13, 1941. My sister Alice was born that night. The ambulance came to take my mother to Rottenrow Maternity Hospital.

Favourite cinema? The first picture house I went to was the St James Paramount on Stirling Road, in Townhead. The locals called it ‘the buggy’…. My favourite was the Carlton. One or two of us would pay to get in, whilst the rest would skip in through the back door. We often got caught and received a clip on the ear before being ejected.

Schoolday memories? My favourite teacher at school was Miss Crosby, who became Mrs Smith eventually, when she married John Smith, the bookie. Miss Crosby was a change from the older, stricter teachers.

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Where did you go dancing? My favourite dancehall was the Barrowland. I would go with my pals and we enjoyed listening to the band leader Billy McGregor. I also remember hearing a wonderful, talented singer who would go on to become very famous Lena Martell. Lena was only 14 years old at the time but she was allowed to sing as she had a school permit.

Happiest memory? Playing in the Molendinar Burn with my friends - it was once the cleanest burn in Scotland but became run down. We also used to play in the grounds of Barony Street primary school. It was called the Martyr School and we’d play there from morning to night so our parents always knew where we were. We searched for and sold ginger and beer bottles, rags and woollens and scrap metal to earn a few shillings. I still live in Glasgow and have never moved away from my birthplace. Happy, happy days and fantastic memories.

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