In the middle of a lockdown, there are only a few normalities of comfort left that we can continue to cherish. 

For me, that's easy - takeaways, long walks, good coffee, a book and of course, a bath. 

During these trying times, it's important that we make room for the little things that bring us joy to our lives. So, every other day or so, I'll set aside the time for a long bath with bubbles and a bath bomb. 

Lush have done a grand job over the last few weeks of making me feel pampered and revived. Their limited edition Valentine's Day set (which is still currently on sale) stole my heart this year, anyway.

Glasgow Times:

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For bubble lovers, the Blow Me a Kiss bar is a must. The lips-shaped stick can be held underneath water for mounds of foamy goodness, or you can even blow through it to create an airborne bubble show. For £5.95, you'll even be left smelling like roses.

Glasgow Times:

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The Love Locket consists of one big bath bomb, with loads of mini ones secured inside. You get your money's worth with this fizzler at £7.95 as you'll get about five uses out of it. 

Albeit more expensive than others, but the cypress oil ingredients do guarantee you'll be left feeling soothed and smelling fruity. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

My favourite of the set was definitely the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. The lavender oil extracts sent me into a magical realm of sleep after a busy mid-week shift. 

At £4.50, you're guaranteed a number of uses from this product. 

Glasgow Times:

And lastly - for a very leafy bath - I loved the Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb. A combination of roses, orris root powder and lemon provided a gentle soak, which left me smelling like a flower garden. The botanical sensation was well worth the £3.95.