FIRST Bus has pledged to investigate complaints drivers were banning Glasgow youths in school uniforms from buses.

Emma Porter, chair of Springburn Youth Forum, claimed local secondary school pupils were rooted out by bus drivers if they were spotted in their uniforms.

The Springburn Academy pupil said: “We want to see a better relationship between young people and bus drivers.

Glasgow Times:

“A lot of time when we come onto the bus, drivers don’t always treat us nicely. They always assume young people are going to start a riot when they get on.

“We want to work with young people too, to make them behave on buses and make sure they feel like it is their space as well.”

Graeme Macfarlan, commercial director for First Glasgow said: “We have had no such complaints relating to driver attitudes toward young people, but any such complaint would be taken seriously and investigated fully. Our drivers do an amazing job of providing bus services that are available to all in the areas we serve.”

Glasgow Times:

It comes as figures in the North Glasgow community call for better public transport in the area.

Bob Doris, the SNP MSP for Maryhill and Springburn, called for a meeting with Glasgow’s largest bus company and the Springburn Youth Forum, to sit down and discuss the feelings of young people in the area towards the city’s public transport.

Ms Porter raised further concerns about the links between different parts of North Glasgow, highlighting that, if a pupil who lived in neighbouring Milton were to stay behind for supported study at Springburn Academy, they would face a 40-minute walk home, should they miss infrequent bus service to the area.

Mr Macfarlan said the company operated a “comprehensive network” in the north of the city, adding: “We always welcome feedback from our customers about our network as it is something we keep under constant review as an ongoing concern”.

Both agreed that it was crucial more electric buses hit Glasgow’s streets in the coming years and the company is working with Transport Scotland and the council to reduce public transport’s carbon footprint, with 22 fully electric buses to join First’s fleet later this year.

First Bus has agreed to meet with the youth group virtually at a date and time to be agreed.

Mr Macfarlan said: “First Glasgow are delighted for any and all opportunities to communicate with and hear from our customers and it is especially encouraging to see such an engaged youth group about bus services in Glasgow.”

Glasgow city council was approached for comment.