I THINK the hotel quarantine for arrivals into Scotland is absolute madness.
Why do we have to go down a different path from the rest of the UK?

No-one in their right mind is going to choose to land in Scotland if they can avoid the quarantine and arrive in England instead.

The Scottish Government has to give up on its attempt to persuade the UK Government to follow its rules.

Darrel Reid
Via email

THE bulk uplift service has been stopped again. 

I don’t see the domestic bins or blue bins being stopped when the weather is bad.

Glasgow City Council’s cleansing is providing another half-level service. 

When will senior cleansing management realise the council taxpayers want Glasgow to be cleaned and they don’t want reduced service? 

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I AM astounded that despite the shame of the picture of starving homeless people queuing, amid desperate conditions in Glasgow, the council and the SNP don’t see how they can just provide emergency shelter in this winter of all winters, during a world-wide pandemic!

With millions allocated for the homeless, the simple idea of providing a heated marquee with camp beds is beyond their understanding! 

Glasgow Times:

Clearly the politicians are just providing lip service to the issue, feeling they have no obligation to do more! 

I now understand independence is just political grandstanding, it has given the SNP a totalitarian sense of being untouchable.

In Wales, I feel we need power from Westminster to control our lives.

If this is how independent Scotland will behave, then Scottish people are right to believe they’re exchanging one set of tyrants for a more local  form of tyranny.

This shocking picture will resonate with people worldwide, when thinking about places to visit after the pandemic. If tourists give Glasgow a wide berth, I wouldn’t blame them.

We are living through a major disaster, it seems humanity has deserted those in power in Scotland.

Jeff Morgan

I THINK the First Minister was correct with her comments on Monday about the latest Covid breach by footballers in Scotland.

I can’t believe how ignorant some of these footballers are. It’s beyond belief.

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