GLASGOW City Council has been slammed for its management of an overflowing West End recycling centre.

The glass bottle and jar collection point on Clarence Drive has been filled to the brim with empty wine and alcohol containers.

Those using the service have now resorted to dumping bags filled with recyclables on the ground.

Glasgow Times:

Furious residents have taken to social media to slam the local authority for its “failing” and blast the “hypocrisy” of rubbish piles given the council’s push to encourage recycling in the city.

One wrote: “It’s a similar situation with all public services. Trains, buses, you pay more and get less every year.”

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While another claimed it was “embarrassing” and one joked it looked like “post-dry January rebound”.

Another resident said: “All we hear about how is how important it is to recycle but why would anyone bother if you turn up to this?

“If you can’t even reach the bin then why would anyone go all the way down there? No wonder people are shoving everything in their green bins.”

Councillor Martin Rhodes insisted the issue was becoming more prevalent in the area.

He said:“More and more, we see situations like this - bins overflowing and streets littered.

Glasgow Times:

“Despite the best efforts of cleansing staff, there just isn’t enough of them to get everything done.

He added: Glasgow, local residents and the cleansing staff deserve a better deal.”

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A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council insisted the issue had since been resolved.

She said:“In response to a higher than usual demand during the current lockdown restrictions we are increasing the frequency of recycling sites being checked.

“It’s great that people are taking the time to recycle and this site has been cleared today.”