I DON’T know how our high streets are going to recover from this pandemic.

Famous streets, such as Sauchiehall Street, will never bounce back.

The street looked bad enough before the pandemic with huge empty stores, such as the old BHS. 

I can’t imagine many retailers rushing back to fill massive units like that any time soon.

The council will have to seriously think out of the box about how to ensure the street doesn’t become a no-go area.

Perhaps more green spaces could help. 

Demolishing the BHS store and making a multi-use space for markets and outdoor events could help transform the street and encourage more investment. 

Catherine James
Via email

YOUR reader “AR” refers to the “waste monster” in “Edinburgh” – a thinly-veiled reference to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. 

He claims that the UK Government has been “giving her the funds to fight this (coronavirus) pandemic”. This is simply not true. The funds that Scotland gets come from money raised from taxes paid by people etc in Scotland and allocated by Westminster according to the Barnett formula. 

Alastair Stirling
Via email

Readers had lots to say on our Facebook page when we asked whether they were hoping for a staycation this year. Here’s a selection of comments...

WHILE news of staycations for the summer are welcome – especially for the cleaning industry as we have had no financial support – the news that we will not get Easter is disappointing. 

Tourism cleaning makes up 80% of my turnover and it’s all gone with no support.

Krissi Foskett

I THINK people are old enough and big enough to decide what to do for their holidays. 

Everybody’s case is different, so why shouldn’t you go away if you feel you want to? 

Scott Stewart

LET’S rebuild our own economy and let’s see family again – to me that’s more important then overseas trips.

Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon Nicola Sturgeon

Dean Burne

HOLIDAY-GOERS are just Covid-contributors and they help nobody. 

I bet you they will be stupid enough to flock to locations in the thousands as soon as they’re told they can, not realising that’s what the government wants, so the cases spike and we go back into lockdown.

Stephen Malcolm