I’VE never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I have long agreed that we don’t need to be pressured into taking part in this strange, consumption-driven tradition.

However, this year lockdown made us think differently. Why not do something special to make up for the lack of date nights?

Glasgow Times:

We ordered the Valentine’s feast from Bibimbap West, one of our favourite spots to dine out in normal times. For £49.99 (plus a small delivery fee) the Korean joint sent a package of dubukimchi, that’s fried kimchi (a spicy fermented cabbage dish) with tofu and saeu twigim (tempura prawns) to start, followed by LA galbi rib to share with lettuce, soybean paste, and rice for the main. Dessert was a vanilla and red bean cheesecake and the parcel included chocolates, a bottle plum soju and two Korean bears.

The order came a little late, which was understandable given it was a busy night for the restaurant. When it arrived it was nicely packaged and even included drinking glasses for the soju, which was a lovely touch. We were heartbroken to learn our cheesecake had been forgotten about, but didn’t want to contact Bibimbap given the hectic night they were sure to be having.

The prawn tempura was exactly how prawn tempura should be. The batter was crispy but not heavy, while the prawn was fresh. The fried kimchi and tofu was wolfed down in no time – it had real kick to it which had me reaching for the soju.

The LA galbi rib, basically BBQ beef short rib, was not something I’d tried before. It had a sweet tanginess to it, with a fragrant ginger undertone – the portion looked huge but we worked through it quickly.

An hour went by after dinner, and we received a sudden call from the restaurant. They’d realised the cheesecake hadn’t made it into the parcel and advised it would arrive in five minutes, accompanied by a bottle of prosecco to make up for the shortcoming. The staff could have easily left it on such a stressful night, so the fact they made such an effort at 9.30pm on a Sunday was massively appreciated.

When the cheesecake arrived it was a real treat – the red

bean had an unusual, almost savoury flavour to it which was delicious.

Bibimbap West’s Valentine’s box was by far the best takeaway experience I’ve had during lockdown and really felt like something for a special occasion. I can only hope they put together similar boxes for future celebrations.