I’M sick of reading constant moans from readers. I want to spread some positivity and thank all the key workers who have been working so hard during the pandemic.

The shop workers who have kept going despite facing abuse from shoppers who refuse to wear face masks. The bus drivers who turn up every day despite many buses being half empty. The postal workers and couriers who deliver our parcels with a smile on their faces.

Well done to the workers across the country who are keeping going despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. I just hope we can have some sort of normality by the summer.

Rita Symington
Via email

OUR readers had lots to say on our story that Glasgow pupils’ ‘bus ban’ complaints were to be probed by city transport chiefs. Here’s a selection of the comments...

THEY’RE not doing it for nothing! These pupils are a riot on any public transport.

Jon Bruce

EXACTLY, these idiots are just using public transport to gather and cause trouble.

Gerry Irvine

THESE “idiots” are kids trying to get home from school. 

Yes, I know the behaviour leaves a lot to be desired and must be addressed, perhaps a teacher/caretaker to travel on various routes (overtime would be welcomed I’m sure), I have also been at bus stops when drivers with almost empty buses have driven past and waved to the kids waiting. 

Every passenger keeps these folk in their jobs.

Anne McCurley

CHILDREN have no respect, have travelled on buses and seen food being flung at passengers and drivers, blocking passageways and being abusive to all and sundry. 

If parents are that concerned take some responsibility.

Ed Cartvale

“THEY would face a 40-minute walk home.”

That’ll give them a bit of exercise, so a good thing.

I walked for longer every day at secondary school, never had a lift or bus.

So, what’s the problem?

Garreth Young

I’M delighted to hear pupils in certain years will be able to go back to school next year.

Thank you to John Swinney for this decision. However, it isn’t great news for everyone.

Sadly my little boy won’t be able to return as he is in primary four.

So, homeschooling will continue for at least another month. It’s like groundhog day every day!

Name and address supplied

WHEN are teachers going to be vaccinated in Scotland? 

I am not happy that my wife will have to return to school to work without a vaccination.

I hope the teaching union is monitoring this situation closely.


THE same with the ones on Highburgh Road outside Kelvingrove Park at Park area exit (‘Embarrassing’: Fury at ‘failure’ to clear overflowing 
West End recycling centre, Thursday

Glasgow Times:

On a walk yesterday most of the street litter bins were overflowing at points on our route down Dumbarton Road, up through the Park area and Great Western Road. All seemed to be full of pizza boxes and disposable coffee cups! 

As the overflow just blows around the streets. 

What chance has the reduced number of street cleaners got in keeping the areas clean? 

Sadly – no matter if the bins are full – our residents just throw more at it! Glasgow Council you are a well-paid joke! 

If you have well-paid staff on furlough – get them out there with brushes, shovels and bin bags. This is a “national embarrassment”. 

Westender 1
Posted online

THE failure to clear bins when full is with the council. 

The failure to keep dumping your rubbish around full bins lies with the people dumping it. 

They could take their rubbish back home but instead left it for someone else to deal with.

Jim MacSween
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