Glasgow drag queen Lawrence Chaney was saved by RuPaul in last night's Drag Race UK episode after the queen found himself in the bottom two for the first time this series. 

Lawrence failed to impress RuPaul and the judges with his impersonation of Harry Potter actress Miriam Margoyles during the fan-favourite challenge 'Snatch Game'. 

Norwich queen Bimini Bon-Boulash eventually won the challenge with their portrayal of media personality Katie Price. 

Before the runway, Lawrence opened up to fellow queens. 

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He said: "I feel like because I'm a figurehead in the Glasgow gay scene, I need to be strong and be that perfect person."

He broke down while on the runway after judges praised his personality and sharp wit, something which Lawrence says comes from years of childhood bullying. 

He said: "When I was younger, bigger kid, you know? Made fun of for everything under the sun. 

"Having that humour is the only thing I was able to punch back at."

RuPaul backed the Helensburgh-born queen, saying: "You are not that little boy anymore. 

"You are a fierce queen on the most incredible stage in the world. But just keep fighting because it's not an accident that you're here."

Despite having won a record three challenges in a row the week before, Lawrence found himself having to lip sync for his life against fellow queen Tia Kofi, who had already sent two contestants packing during the elimination in earlier weeks.

RuPaul saved Lawrence after a performance to 'Touch Me' by Cathy Dennis. 

The queen is one of the favourites to win the series.