IT is reported that the Queen reminded Prince Harry that “you work for the royal family, the royal family does not work for you” .

It would be more to the point to remind all members of the Royal Family that they all work for the taxpayers, and are very handsomely paid by the taxpayers for the privileged life they lead, despite being a very wealthy family in their own right.

The decision made by the Queen with regard to Prince Harry and his wife smacks of hypocrisy when looked at next to the behaviour of others in their family history, in particular the recent protection afforded to Prince Andrew.

He should be treated, at the very least, the same way as Prince Harry, until he answers all the questions in relation to the present enquiry regarding his past behaviour.

Also, the recent revelations regarding the interference of the Royal Family in governmental issues as to the Queen’s wealth only goes to show how outdated this family is.

Michael Tolland


THERE’S only one word to describe the treatment of Meghan Markle by the media in the UK: racism

They were delighted to see the couple humiliated by the Royal Mafia and together they have construed to ensure that any possibility of a woman of colour ascending to the throne is now an impossibility.



WHILE others have to stay in or feel the wrath of Priti Patel with her £10,000 fine or 10-year prison sentence for not obeying the rules, Prince Charles (right) took a 200-mile round trip to visit his father in hospital who is in as a precautionary measure. Yet millions of families up and down the nation can’t visit loved ones that are at death’s door.

It was the same when Charlie got Covid back in March when the pandemic was taking off at an alarming rate. Everyone was told “stay at home, DO NOT travel to holiday homes” – but Charlie travelled from London to Balmoral to recuperate.

It’s no surprise that ordinary citizens are breaking the rules when they see people like Prince Charles, Demonic Cummings and Dr Catherine Calderwood flouting the rules as they see fit.

We are always being told “we are all in this together”, so maybe the upper crust part of society ought to start leading by example. Then maybe the lower echelons might start following suit.

Richard Low

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