DERELICT land near Ibrox is to be sold by Glasgow City Council to Scottish Water for £115,500 who plan to install a new water mains system.

The overgrown land at Broomloan Road, which previously homed high-rise buildings before being demolished in 2010, will see a new pumping system that connects with the system already in place throughout Greater Glasgow.

When complete the network will enable water to transfer from Glasgow to Ayrshire and vice versa. The site is fully valued at £441,000 but the council’s share is worth just £115,000.

The site, which is co-owned by Glasgow Housing Association and is in the shape of a triangle, faces onto Broomloan Road, is next to an Esso filling station and is in close proximity to the junction with Paisley Road West.

At its meeting on September 17, the contracts and property committee agreed to negotiate the land as an off-market disposal to Scottish Water.

The company is currently working on the Ayrshire strategic resilience scheme to install a new water mains to connect the system in Ayrshire with Greater Glasgow’s area network.

A pumping station is required on the route and the subject land has been identified as a suitable and preferred location for the construction and operation of the water pumping station.

Rangers Football Club will continue to have a right of access on the land. At the moment it does not currently exercised this right.

If approved, work is expected to begin on the site on March 31. A report will be brought before committee this Thursday.