Nicola Sturgeon said the lifting of lockdown will be "sure and steady" and will see a return to the system of levels in different parts of the country.

The First Minister is due to make a statement in Holyrood tomorrow to outline the plan to move out of lockdown.

She said the statement tomorrow will set out our current thinking on the overall state of the pandemic and details of the revised framework.

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She said: "It will not set out hard and fast dates. It is important at this stage that we are driven by data more than we are driven by dates."

Sturgeon said she would "set out an indicative order of priority".

She said there would be "first a gradual lifting of restrictions and then, in due course, a return to the geographical levels."

She said: "This will be a cautious lifting."

The vaccination is, she said, having an impact but Sturgeon added: "We don't want to set back our progress." 

The First Minister said the approach will be: "Sure and steady. Even if it is a bit slow over the next few weeks."

There were another 715 new positive cases reported, taking the total number to 198,184

Of the latest daily total, 246 were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board area and  99 in Lanarkshire.

There were 1141 people in hospital, up by 9 and 99 patients in intensive care.

No deaths were registered of someone who had tested positive for Covid-19 in the previous 28 days.

Sturgeon said there had been 34 deaths since Friday. 

The total number of deaths is now 6950.

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The number of people now vaccinated has reached 1,445,488.

There were another 13,546 jags carried out on Sunday and in addition, 1,863 got second dose .

The First Minister said the vaccine has been offered to 96% of 70-74 year olds and even more of the 75-79 year olds

She said the government was on track to offer the jag to all 65 to 69 year-olds by early March.