A MAN who crashed his grandpa’s car into a cemetery wall after taking it without consent has avoided jail.

William Dickson, of Duke Street, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court to be sentenced over three charges.

On May 24, last year, the 21-year-old took his grandpa’s car without permission, drove it without insurance, and left the scene of an accident.

The procurator fiscal said: “The accused attended at his grandparent’s house at around 1pm where he remained throughout the day.

“He was observed to leave at 12am by the concierge. He got into his grandfather’s car and drove it away.

“A short time later at around 1am, a witness within her home address heard loud noises outside her house.

“She looked outside an observed the vehicle crashing into a stone cemetery wall, causing damage to the wall and the vehicle. It remained stationary before driving off.

“The witness contacted police and passed over the details. Thereafter, the vehicle was observed a short distance away with no-one in it.

“Police carried out checks and attended at the registered keeper’s address. They spoke with the accused’s grandparents.

“DNA taken from the vehicle identified the accused. He was cautioned and charged the following day.”

The court heard that Dickson also stole a watch from an unsecured vehicle and then failed to attend at court on August 12, last year.

The procurator fiscal added: “At 2am, the witness was within her home address. She heard sounds of someone walking along the gravel outside her house.

“She looked out and saw the accused and the co-accused passing through her garden. She contacted police who attended minutes later.

“The accused was observed hiding within a bush.

“He was asked to exit the bush. When he did so, a watch was found in the area he was standing.

“The watch was dry, and the surrounding grass was wet. Door-to-door inquiries were carried out in the morning. An unsecured vehicle had appeared to be ransacked and the £200 watch belonged to the owner of the vehicle.”

Dickson’s lawyer said his client accepted full responsibility by pleading guilty.

He added: “He was abusing Valium at the time. He came out of prison and thereafter lost his way again.

“He is ashamed and disgusted with himself. He caused his family real problems, but they have taken him back in.

“He has not been of any other offending and has opportunity of employment.

“Perhaps the court could step back from a custodial sentence and impose a community-based punishment instead.”

The sheriff ordered Dickson to be under social work supervision for 12 months, to have a tag installed that requires him to be within his home address from 8pm-7am for 80 days and be disqualified from driving for eight months.