I LIVE in Old Pollok, Glasgow, where 10 households I know of have been breaking lockdown rules since March and continue to do so, including overnight stays.

How can we beat this virus when people are behaving like this? Do we deserve to beat it?

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WE asked on our Facebook page for readers’ views on the return of P1-P3 pupils to school this week. Here’s a selection of reponses...

LOVELY to see all the wee ones getting a bit of normality.

Noreen Currie

ABSOLUTELY fantastic news. This leads to the question,

why do we need to subject our kids to “testing” so they can go to school? The answer can only

be so that the “cases” are kept

up to keep the restrictions


After months of children being cut off from friends and teachers, the impact it’s having on their physical and mental health is incalculable.

No child has died of Covid in Scotland and there is no evidence that asymptomatic children are passing on infections.

James Tierney

THE constant “testing” of schoolchildren, employees, footballers, etc, etc is raking in millions.

Gary Craddock

I THINK it’s the right decision as we need to give them some normality.

Terri Jane Smith

WE should do what should have been done a year ago.

Airports closed, not the partial quarantine we have now, and a proper lockdown where the police actually stop people moving in-between health areas.

Add in limited shopping like they did in France and Italy and maybe then we would be in a better place than we are now.

We had slowed down the spread just now ... opening the schools when the virus is nowhere near under control is doing nothing to eradicate the virus and is merely continuing the Government’s attempts to control the spread.

Schools should only be open when numbers are low enough for track and trace to be effective.

Robert Beckett

WHAT do we do? Stay in the house until when?

Children need educated and to socialise with classmates.

JJ Brown

It’s great to see children return to school.

Sandra Rice