IT was one of those lockdown days when a treat was required.

Few things cheer me up more than a good fish supper but I’m picky about my chippies.

In my opinion cities are never the best place to get a decent one but there are a few places that make a reasonable attempt and I know where they are.

However, I decided to cast my (ahem) net wider this time and try somewhere new.

After a bit of JustEat scrolling I settle on Bearsden-based Romy’s & Family where prices start at £4.00 for a slice of fish.

Pricier options include a lemon sole supper (£9.40) or scampi (£6.10) but I settle for the special fish angel cut haddock in panko breadcrumb (£8.60) with a pot of mushy peas (£2.50).

They also offer suppers for those on special diets including a gluten-free option and there are all the usual favourites including haggis and smoked sausage.

I place the order at around 7.30pm with no problems and wait for the little thumbs up from the restaurant that my feast is underway.

There is a service charge of 50p and delivery is £2.50 which takes my order to £14.10. It’s an expensive fish supper but I’m paying for the very lazy privilege of getting a hopefully still hot dinner practically delivered to my couch.

I’m told it will arrive at 8.40pm which is a long time to wait but I’m taking this as a good sign that it’s popular with the Bearsden and Milngavie locals.

A very cheery woman arrives at 8.30pm and hands over a big, white paper bag with the good stuff.

On first sight the supper looks very appetising, although I’m starving by this time. A decent size of fish and plenty of chips. I slather it with extra vinegar and my own tomato sauce and tuck in.

It’s not the best supper I’ve ever had but it’s very nice. The fish is crisp and flavoursome and still pleasantly hot and the chips are moreish and I don’t feel like I’m set for an evening of indigestion either, which is often the conclusion to take-aways for me.

It’s another decent fish and chip eaterie to add to my tried-and-tested list.

Romy’s & Family, 159 Milngavie Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow