A HOMELESS man who accused someone of having sex with underage girls then went on to assault them has been jailed.

Stuart Dunn appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court from custody.

The 42-year-old pleaded guilty to brandishing a bottle and punching another homeless man on the head in the reception area of the Rennie Mackintosh Hotel in Glasgow’s Union Street.

On Monday, the court heard that there was a number of people within the reception area when the incident took place on January 31 this year.

The procurator fiscal said: “The accused started to become aggressive towards other residents. He was asked to return to his room. Talking about the complainer, the accused stated ‘he has underage sex with lassies’.

“He then punched the complainer on the head and the complainer fell to the ground. A member of staff intervened at this point.

“The accused took out a half bottle of Buckfast and raised it above his own head and tried to hit the complainer.

“Before he could, a member of staff grabbed the bottle and pulled the accused away from the complainer, who had a small laceration to his face.

“When police arrived, the accused was still shouting in the reception area. He was told to calm down. He stated he ‘hadn’t done anything’. He was arrested and there was no reply.”

Dunn’s solicitor explained that the complainer was known to his client due to previous incidents.

He added: “Both of them had been placed in the hotel as homeless residents.

“He said he was assaulted by the complainer during a previous incident. At the time of the recent incident, he was under the influence.

“He has a number of matters outstanding but accepts that the outcome will be a custodial sentence.”

The sheriff told Dunn the only appropriate sentence would be time in prison. He was sentenced to 80 and 121 days – which will run concurrently with each other.