Glaswegians have shared an array of views to the most recent lockdown announcement, with many declaring "nothing will change". 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon earlier revealed Scotland's plan for exiting current restrictions, which have been in place since Boxing Day last year. 

The roadmap will see a gradual, phased re-opening of businesses from April onwards. 

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Glasgow Times readers have had their say on the announcement, with some comparing the current Covid restrictions to prisons. 

Caroline Crawford, said: "Still prisoners until the end of April."

Fraser Irvine added: "Should be illegal this, absolute torture."

Gee Doll wrote: "Pure scunnered."

"It's like a prison sentence, two more months", wrote Janice Hay. 

Some readers criticised the government for not keeping Scotland on a full-lockdown from March last year, while others raised concerns about the return of schools. 

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Jen McCrea said: "If we had had full lockdown from day one it would probably be over. To have people flying in and not checked etc was criminal.

"Also, what harm is there in fully opening hairdressers, golf clubs, small shops, sports halls etc. If the procedures are in place and people observe them surely some people can get back to earning their living."

Derek Park said: "I personally think schools are a concern if we are staying in lockdown.

"Why are schools going back? I believe they are a high factor in the spread of the virus."

Some revealed dismay at the thought of hairdressers not opening for another two months yet. 

"Still two months before a haircut - we'll be like wooly mammoths by then."

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Others revealed the announcement is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Veronica Connelly said: "I’d rather get there slow but sure and safe another lockdown isn’t looming than have set dates to be disappointed by when they don’t cut the mustard.

"I’d rather see my family in the flesh and not the cemetery so I can be patient a little longer.

"Eight weeks and we are in April. Given how fast the weeks have passed, it isn’t long for a more sure road ahead."

Natalie Mercer agreed, writing: "I think it’s the right thing to do. The end is in sight. We’ve come this far.

"We will need to learn to live with the virus, once the mass of the population is vaccinated things will ease.

"I’d rather protect my family and keep others safe. This situation isn’t ideal but this is what we’ve got currently."

Shona McCarthy wrote: "Gradual and cautious lifting of restrictions is by far the most sensible approach. All vulnerable groups will have been vaccinated by April too."