One roadmap all drivers have been waiting for

I love a roadmap – would you really expect me to say anything different?

Right enough, I rarely use one these days. After decades of driving on Glasgow’s streets, I have my own G postcode roadmap imprinted in my brain!

When I go on holiday – remember them?! – I will always buy a roadmap for the local town rather than rely on technology. But that’s just the taxi driver in me.

Roadmaps take me right back to when I did the famous topographical test, The Knowledge, the legendary exam which all Glasgow taxi drivers must pass before getting behind the wheel.

The preparation for The Knowledge led to many a late night separating my Killin Streets from my Carmunnock Roads, my Mosspark Boulevards from my Millhouse Crescents.

(Bonus point to the first driver or reader who can tell me the location of each of those!)

Anyway, why am I rattling on about roadmaps?

Well yesterday saw the announcement and publication of the much anticipated Scotland roadmap out of lockdown.

We’ve had a few false dawns before, but whatever anyone’s take is on this at least it’s only going in a positive direction.

I heard some people say the Scottish version of the roadmap wasn’t clear enough, lacked dates, was too slow.

I heard others say we need to be cautious, can’t afford to undo the good work, it can’t be faster.

Me? I’m somewhere in the middle.

I’m just glad we’re having the conversation at all.

After 11 months during which the twists and turns of the pandemic have led us down many dark tunnels which we’ve struggled to see light at the end of, I’ll take any roadmap out of lockdown thank you.

Yep, I’m all set and ready for the final journey out of this awful 12 months.

I can’t wait to put my full Knowledge to the test again when the punters start to safely make their way back to something approaching normal life once more.

Location – Lockdown

Destination – Freedom Central

Cost – Priceless

Stay safe!