THOUSANDS of pounds have been raised for city centre hospitality workers who have been left "destitute" after not receiving full furlough payments.

Generous Glaswegians have donated more than £3000 to employees at AdLib and Blue Dog, after allegations were brought forward that they have been left without cash since October last year. 

A total of 24 workers between the two units are thought to be impacted "through no fault of their own". 

Alastair Beattie, who is the manager at Blue Dog, said: "The fundraiser is really the only way we can get some money in, otherwise it’s hard to make ends meet at the moment.

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“We have been told that by end of February, we won’t be getting any money – it will be completely cut off. So, this is why we’ve set up the fundraiser. Like everyone else, we need money to pay our bills and rent.

“We’ve been at a lost cause with it all, we’re completely in the dark.”

Last month, we told how a union that represents the staff claimed workers between the two units are owed “hundreds of thousands” in unpaid wages and furlough. 

Unite the Union launched a campaign to recoup the alleged unpaid wages - which received support from local members of parliament including Alison Thewliss, Stewart McDonald and Chris Stephens.

The union’s Bryan Simpson said: ”The way in which our members at AdLib and Bluedog have been treated has been disgraceful.

“Most of their 160 workers haven’t received a full wage since September and many are still owed part wages from the summer.

“Regardless of what the reasoning is, every employer has a legal obligation to pay the wages of their staff under the Employment Rights Act and the National Minimum Wage Act.

“After months of failed promises to resolve, our members across all venues have had enough and shall be lodging collective legal claims for breach of contract and unlawful deduction of wages if the wages remain unpaid.”

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The fundraising page aims to raise around £5000 to help the workers pay for food, bills and rent. All funds raised will be split among staff. 

Alastair added: “It has been a pretty grim time for us, to say the least. Every single week, it just keeps getting held back. This is why we have started to get pro-active with it.

“We’ve gone from working 50 hours a week to nothing at all, it has been hard enough without the additional stress of finances.”

A spokeswoman for the owners of AdLib and Blue Dog said: “The owners of AdLib and Blue Dog welcomed the intervention of Stewart McDonald MP on Monday of this week as he raised in parliament the delays from HMRC on furlough. They also welcome the new commitment made by Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt to ensure their issues are addressed.

“Since mid-June when furlough payments stopped without reason or explanation, their contracted payroll company pressed for reasons and a resolution. It took HMRC nearly five months to respond meaningfully and a further three months on, there are still no payments. 

“In order to maintain employment whilst awaiting an HMRC response and fulfilling HMRC’s request to maintain staff on payroll with up to date RTI information, the owners, from their own personal and business funds, paid the furlough amounts to staff until the end of October.

"Since then, due to financial limitations, they have paid approximately half the amounts again from their own funds. In the case of Blue Dog around £100,000 has been funded by the owners to date.’

“The owners understand this has been extremely difficult for the employees of Blue Dog and Ad Lib and the owners are desperate for a resolution, so all staff can be paid in full what they are due through the furlough scheme.”

Donate to the fundraiser HERE.