John Hartson says Celtic fans will regard Neil Lennon as a club legend because of his success at Parkhead - as well as his Irish Catholicism.

The former striker made the comments on Sky Sports when discussing Lennon's resignation and legacy after he announced his departure this morning.

Speaking on the news, Hartson said: "I think it's probably the correct decision and I think now Celtic will be actively looking for a new manager, a new team, because if they don't and they're not proactive there's the danger that Rangers could be the team to catch in the future. That shouldn't be the case because Celtic were ahead of steam and its just been one disaster from another this season.

"Neil Lennon has to be remembered as somebody who won numerous titles as a player, numerous trophies as a manager. He will be respected and regarded as a legend at Celtic. He loves the club, Irish Catholic, supported the club, but I think it was time to make the change."

Sky Sports, posting the clip of their interview with the Welshman, have since edited out his 'Irish Catholic' comments. You can watch that version below.

Fans took to social media to have their say. One said: "'Irish catholic'? What on earth does that have to do with anything John?"

Another added: "Not sure what relevance "Irish Catholic" has in this day and age." One wrote: "This video clip should have been pulled as soon as religion was mentioned. What relevance is that!"