A WOMAN who abused police officers on three separate occasions will learn her fate next month.

Lindsay Andrews appeared in the dock of Glasgow Sheriff Court after previously pleading guilty to eight charges.

The 43-year-old, of Barrachnie, carried out the offences on three different dates.

On August 6 last year, Andrews was drinking with her partner when an argument occurred.

The prosecutor said: “The accused threw a remote control towards her partner in an attempt to strike him.

“Officers were asked to attend. On arrival, the accused became hostile towards them. She was resisting arrest and shouting ‘f**k off’.

“She attempted to strike a police officer with her knee. Her aggressive behaviour continued.

“In the police van, she began hitting her head repeatedly off the wall.

“She told an officer ‘I hope you have a high pain threshold because I’m going to get you. Days, months, years, i’ll get you’.”

The court heard that Andrews referred to officers as “f****s” during a previous incident on May 17, 2019.

The procurator fiscal said: “The Scottish Ambulance Service and Police Scotland were asked to attend to reports of the accused self-harming.

“On arrival, loud shouts were heard from her within the address. She was intoxicated.

“She was calling officers ‘f*****s’ and threatening ‘to do’ both of them. She was cautioned and charged and conveyed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary to have her wounds treated.

“She continued to behave aggressively, and this behaviour was upsetting other people in the hospital.

“She was shouting for help and resisted arrest by making herself become a dead weight. She continued to shout and swear at police officers.

“Whilst within the hospital she said to a member of staff ‘you’re an Indian looking wee rat’ and ‘you’re an Indian looking c**t’.”

And just a few months earlier, in January 2019, the court heard that Andrews attempted to bite the forearm of an officer and kicked out to another’s stomach area.

Her solicitor explained that his client accepted she behaved in this way despite having no recollection.

He said: “Thankfully, there was no injury caused to anyone. She realises she does have issues and the main issue is alcohol.

“She accepts that this was an atrocious way to behave on not one, but three separate occasions.”

The case was adjourned to March 24 for an alcohol assessment to be carried out.