I WAS struck by a leaflet from the Scottish Conservatives that popped through the door.

This noted that they were the only party able to stop the SNP gaining a majority of seats at the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections, thereby preventing the holding of another independence referendum.

Clearly, for those independence supporters, there is welcome acknowledgement here that should the SNP win a majority, there will be another referendum, which is pleasing to note.

It is, however, disappointing that beyond this the Tories have nothing to say on key issues such as education, health and employment.

Given this, it would be more than a little hypocritical that should the SNP gain a majority, the Scottish Tories, given these statements, then turn round and oppose the holding of such a vote.

Alex Orr

Via email

WHAT evidence is the Scottish Government using to justify keeping churches closed for another month at least?

How can it be fair that on one side of the Border in Scotland I would be committing a crime by praying in church but a few minutes down the road on the other side of the Border I can do the same thing perfectly legally?

If banning church services is having a significant impact in Scotland then why does Scotland have the exact same R number as England and Wales, 0.7-0.9, where churches are both open?

Logic dictates this is not having a significant effect on the virus but yet we are told the Scottish Government might allow us to meet from Easter Monday?

England, with more churches and church-goers, has gotten the R rate below one without any problems arising from churches being open – so why, in the words of the old protest song, are we waiting?



I NOTE a senior Glasgow City Council official taking voluntary severance and she is credited with handling the equal pay dispute.

Does the chief executive and the leader of the council not realise it was council management that caused the equal pay dispute in the first place?

Name and address supplied

I NOW realise what it is like to live in a dictatorship and be brainwashed.

You stop thinking for yourself but try as I might I cannot get my head around the vaccination programme.

Yes, vaccinate the old and vulnerable, but what about those who are having to work and keep the wheels of society turning – teachers, refuse men, supermarket workers etc?

They have to wait until they fit into the correct age bracket but through no fault of their own, they are the ones most likely to get Covid and then pass it on.

Not the old and vulnerable who are virtual prisoners in their own homes or care homes.

Surely to stop the Covid virus we must stop it at source.

Saving mankind is every bit as important as saving the NHS.


Via email

ONCE we’ve all been offered vaccinations, those who support pub passports need to explain why those who can’t or won’t get vaccinated are harming those who can and do.

Pub passports are the thin end of a very Big Brothery wedge.

Barry Tighe

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I USED to live not far from the area in Los Angeles where Tiger Woods had yet another of his dramatic car crashes on Tuesday morning.

If ever there is an area where courtesy cars for visiting professional sportsmen should come with a chauffeur it’s the Palos Verdes peninsula.

There are two routes from the Terranea Resort to the Rolling Hills Country Club: a fabulously scenic southern route up Palos Verdes Drive and a northern route on Hawthorne Drive, a boring suburban road with a 45 mph limit.

The problem is, one can be tempted to floor it on the latter’s long straights which suddenly give way to harshly tightening bends.

Rev Dr John Cameron

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