TO start, I’d like to thank P Hynes (February 27) for not only reading my letter, but also replying. It’s a pity they never took time to analyse what I was saying. I cited the last General Election as a) it is the most recent national poll. B) like any other election, the SNP were using this as (for a change...) as a reason for another referendum.

They then pointed out that the Conservative Party has an 80-seat majority. Given the amount of non-Conservative MPs Scotland returns, surely it’d be in their interests to lose Scotland if we follow this narrative?

P Hynes then questions my democratic credentials. Given I was using facts to argue a democratic point, it should be clear I respect results. Unlike the SNP. The argument goes that because Scotland voted 62% to remain, that is the reason for another referendum. On that basis, would rural Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway and the Borders who vote normally Conservative, or Orkney & Shetland who traditionally vote LibDems, be eligible for a referendum as they get the SNP that other parts of Scotland voted for? I thought not.

Recent opinion polls have indeed had a Yes majority, however, these figures are reducing. I’d be curious to ask when precisely did opinion polls take priority over official votes?

For the record, I was happy for the 2014 referendum to take place. It is the SNP’s raison d’etre. A legitimate question was put to the electorate and an answer was given. Had Scotland left the UK in 2014, we’d have been out the EU as we’d left the constituent member state. We’d also not be allowed in as only Greece has a worse budget deficit.


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IT’S obvious John Anderson (February 27) hasn’t lived in hard times. Pawn shops and pound shops are a lifeline if you’re in dire straits and have kids to feed. It’s a way of managing the little money you’ve got and not having to borrow from people or grovel to the state. Equally the pound shops. Items there can be £2 in greedy supermarkets. Big difference if you’re counting the pennies. No joke John!

Mrs D


YOU reported on dogs killing deer at Pollok Park (“Wildlife warned of wildlife crime in park grounds”, February 27).

The police dog branch are based in Pollok Park. What are they doing about it? Why are they not out patrolling rather than their dogs being cooped in their vans all day in their car park?

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