DOES anyone else feel that Ant and Dec’s Saturday night show should be moved to a slot more suitable for kids? 

It’s absolutely embarrassing and very amateurish.

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READERS had lots to say on plans to demolish a historic Glasgow pub to make way for an apartment block. Here’s a selection of comments...

THE monstrosity they are putting in its place lacks character. 

The oldest pub in Glasgow should be preserved, but those private companies that have been given free rein to destroy our cultural heritage have been allowed to by the government in power and have an out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new attitude.

David Murray

PROTECTION in Glasgow means to demolish it and build an eyesore in its place. Any other city would have kept it.

James Curtis

WHY not go the whole hog and demolish the lovely old building next door?

Glasgow Times: College Bar College Bar

It would be easy to build around the pub and the developers would not even lose much space. It is a small but historic pub and to demolish it is beyond criminal. 

The Saracen’s Head must also be in with a shout for the oldest pub in Glasgow.

Chic Crichton

SOON Glasgow will look like every other city with high, non-descript, glass-fronted buildings with no soul. The High Street is where Glasgow began. 

So much of that area has been lost already. 

Along Cathedral Street there isn’t one original building left, apart from Glasgow City Mission. Glasgow City Council, leave well alone!

Cecilia Angela Buhler

WHY can’t they restore the old building and build around it?
Come on, use your imagination and keep the old with the new.

Naira Dar

CAN they not leave us a bit of character in our town.?

That’s all we need, more student accommodation to wreck Glasgow and its history.

Pauline Baxter

THE tourist industry runs on old Glasgow, no-one comes to see new-builds – the council getting it wrong again. It should preserve what’s left.

Stuart Smith

OUR heritage is being pulled down – street by street.

Carrie James