CAN Nicola Sturgeon please enlighten me as to what she deems as a non-essential business? 

I would imagine that people who open a business do so as they feel it’s viable to help them pay their mortgages and their other ESSENTIAL bills. 

This lockdown has gone on long enough and there is no justification for closing down someone’s only means of income, also with all the issues that could lead to, i.e depression, family stress and sometimes far worse. So I ask again, Nicola, what is a 
non-essential business? 

D Mclean
Via email

STOP voting for the SNP (Revealed: Date for city-wide change to green wheelie bin collection, Tuesday)! Glasgow needs proper governance that will listen and care about the concerns of all residents. This new policy will only make the fly-tipping and rat problems worse. 

Glasgow City Council should instead focus its attention on local infrastructure, namely fixing the atrocious state of the roads. 

With fewer cars on the roads due to lockdown, one would have thought they would now be in a better condition, not worse! 

It’s costing us, residents, inconvenience, annoyance and money!

Dave Tedd
Posted online

I THINK the UK Government has to be more realistic. I don’t believe it will be able to stick to the Covid roadmap it has set out.


WE had lots of comments following the news of the death of former Scotland and Liverpool forward Ian St John. Here’s a selection of comments...

Sad news. A terrific player by all accounts and an engaging TV personality.

Martin Neilson

RIP Singy, as you were called by Motherwell and Scottish football fans. 

Condolences to the family of this great Scottish sportsman.

When the Scottish cap of £22 on players’ wages was lifted, Ian asked Motherwell manager Bobby Ancell for a raise.

Glasgow Times: Ian St JohnIan St John 

“Don’t be silly son, you wouldn’t know what to do with all that money,” replied Ancell. 

Shortly after, Ian transferred to Liverpool, and the rest is, as they say, history

What a player, what a man.

Aidan Smith

I’m devastated. My childhood from the 80s has gone.

Adrian Ochai