EXCELLENT, this can only be good news for the local area (£17 million of funding announced to boost housing standards in Govanhill, Wednesday). 

The improvement in housing stock in Glasgow over the past 20 years has been incredible with many areas totally revitalised.

David Callaghan
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I AGREE with KM’s letter this week regarding Ant and Dec becoming a pain in his view.
As for being the new Morecambe Wise, the two Ronnies or Cannon and Ball – they could not lace their boots. 

Steven Barr
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POLITICIANS are so enthralled by the green lobby that they rush through laws without considering potential problems. 

In the rush to encourage greener transport options they allowed E-scooters on our roads as an experiment. 

It has failed abysmally. E-scooters have recently been banned from Newcastle city centre from 11pm to 5am following complaints that people were driving them whilst drunk and that others were riding illegally on pavements thus endangering the public. 

Other cities, where trials are also being conducted, experienced similar anti-social behaviour. 

There is no E-scooter test, no requirement to wear a helmet or have insurance, and since there is no identification, the rider will be able, should they injure a child or a pedestrian, to just vanish. 

E-scooters, electric bikes and even bikes should require a licence, have insurance and most of all be identifiable.

Clark Cross
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WITH regards to your Times Past article by Ann Fotheringham, I remember seeing from my top flat windae in Dobbies Loan, my first banana, aged about four, when I saw my faither in Royal Navy uniform with a kit bag and a bunch of bananas over his shoulder. 

It was during the war and I remember free Canadian apples being dished out in school.

Thanks to rationing, we had a much healthier diet with very few obese people.

Donald Anderson
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GOOD manager, I’d be happy to see him at Celtic (Scotland boss Steve Clarke responds to recent Celtic speculation, Glasgow Times online). But 

I hope he stays in the Scotland role and continues to salvage our pride.

Jason Beckett
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