I WANT to give a shout-out to the firemen and women from Knightswood Fire Station who helped us out last week when my mother-in-law fell and we couldn’t get in the front door. 

They were very professional and very patient waiting with her until the ambulance arrived. Thank you again!

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GLASGOW is a graffiti-infested midden just now (‘It’s a disgrace’: Council slammed after its contractor dumps waste for ‘storage’ in Haghill, Thursday). 

Nobody seems to care about the fact the place is a dump. For example, I walked through Aberdour Street the other day, a formerly nice wee street. 

The street is dirty, the road and pavement are broken up. The council seems to have given up.

A B Dickson 
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I LOVE seeing your Camera Club pictures in my Glasgow Times every day.

It’s great seeing different areas of Glasgow. Keep up the good work.

Les MacDonald
East End

I WAS pleased to read that all pupils will be returning soon to school.

It’s been far too long for youngsters to be off school.

I hope this return will go smoothly and we can have no interruptions before the end of term.

Testing for pupils will be a great help in keeping virus cases to a minimum.

Brian Wilson
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ANOTHER hard-fought and well-deserved victory for the Rangers (Steven Gerrard highlights Rangers’ evolution as his side close in on Premiership title, Friday). 

Despite setbacks and upsets in the game, Rangers never lost their focus. 

Alfredo Morelos is now a player showing maturity and tolerance beyond his years. 

A great footballer who will go on to shine on the world stage

Supporters owe Steven Gerrard and his team much gratitude for the manner in which they play the game.

James Street 
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OUR story this week about potholes sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

The roads everywhere are the same – absolute disgrace.

David Davidson

Everywhere, and many of them are very dangerous.

Yanik Ouafi

Roads are shambolic. It’s going to cause accidents trying to avoid potholes.

Walter Mcluckie

Just had to scrap my car – bloody potholes. They’re like craters.

Michelle Jones

Barrhead Road is the same. It’s a disgrace.

Tracy Brown

Broomloan Road is horrendous. Not just potholes but huge dips and bumps.

Ross Galbraith

So it only becomes news when it’s a West End road? 

It’s the same all over Glasgow. Instead of having a strategy to re-tar roads one by one, Glasgow City Council just sends its men out to fill in potholes with rubbish that doesn’t last. But only by the priority of how many complaints it has had.

John Bones

OUR update on the number of people receiving the first dose of the Covid vaccine led to many comments. Here’s a pick of them...

I had the Oxford vaccine a week ago on Tuesday and it was done quickly. 

I’ve have had no side effects. People are scaremongering as usual about the vaccine.

Catherine McCartney

I think the rollout of the Covid vaccine is very impressive.

I hope this can continue over the next couple of months.