SCOTS-EGYPTIAN actor Adam Kashmiry is feeling “excited and a little bit nervous” as a play based on his life takes to the silver screen tonight.

Adapted for BBC Scotland, the National Theatre of Scotland’s production titled Adam, tells the story of a young trans man’s journey from his home in Egypt to here in Glasgow – with Adam playing himself in the acclaimed show.

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He admits he is not sure how people will react due to the play’s “sensitive narrative.” Adam was born as a female in Egypt and left due to the country’s conservative attitudes towards LGBT+ people in order to live freely as a man.

Adam hopes the play can improve viewers’ understanding of both trans issues and the challenges facing asylum seekers.

“You never really know what will happen or how people will react. But so far, all of the reaction we’ve had from everybody who has seen it has been absolutely fantastic. We go through a lot of painful processes and experiences throughout our lives. I hope that through this, people will have a better idea of why we go through all of this.”

Going through the asylum system brought more challenges for Adam. He also hopes tonight’s screening will help people understand the difficulties of being an asylum seeker.

“We don’t get big houses or loads of money. That’s just completely not the reality. You wouldn’t even think of going somewhere if the place you’ve grown up in is already accommodating who you are. But when the place you’re in doesn’t accommodate who you are and is also a threat to who you are, then that’s why people leave.”

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Having now gained refugee status, Adam has made Glasgow his home and spoke of how “friendly and kind” people were when he first arrived from London after claiming asylum in 2010.

“I got lost quite a lot here because Glasgow buses don’t have screens to tell you where you are. When I stopped to ask for directions people were so lovely and so kind and they slowed down their speech for me and helped me in every way to get me to where I need to be. Over the years I’ve got to learn about the culture, the accent, the places ... I love everything about it now.”

As for future plans, Adam is hoping to focus on his other artistic talents such as dancing, singing and writing. “There is so much I want to learn. Even singing – I want to improve my singing.

“So this is my plan for my future, to keep growing these skills and talents and keep rediscovering myself again in the creative arts because I think that’s what nourishes my soul the most.”

"Adam" airs on BBC Scotland tonight at 10.15pm.