IN our corner of the world, discarded needles are still an all-too-common sight throughout the city. 

Well done Glasgow Times highlighting the issue for residents in the Merchant City who are arguably close to the frontline 
of decades of failed drug policies. 

We need to take supply out of the hands of parasitic criminal gangs and into a well-regulated market, where users are treated with respect and dignity and where there are safe places to take drugs for those who have to. 

Optimistically of Garthland Drive 
Via email

THE students currently facing eviction at Glasgow University could be any of our sons, daughters or grandchildren. 

Many of them will be hundreds of miles away from their families after leaving home for the first time and I can only imagine they will be worried sick. 

Let’s hope the students and the university get this sorted out.

Laura Brown

YOU really made my day with the story about the 103-year-old Percy receiving a visit in his care home. 

What a lovely moment to share with the readers. I am sure his daughter has been worried sick throughout these unprecedented times. 

Amongst all the doom and gloom, this story was a ray of sunshine.

Michael Ward

IT is humbling to see the Shawlands community take matters into their own hands with regards to their fly-tipping clean-up.

Despite their own goodwill, this is, however, a matter that Glasgow City Council should be taking up.

The states of our streets and backcourts are nothing short of shameful. 

It is wholly embarrassing that residents are having to take these matters up due to the overly stretched and underfunded cleansing service. 

Betty Campbell
Mount Florida 

SINCE the lockdown our parks have been a lifeline for our mental health.

Havens for nature, the lonely and isolated.

The council should not be allowed to run them down to the bone any longer. 

Minimum staff, no park rangers to maintain our public safety – we own our parks, not the council.

Jack James
Via email

SUCH a light sentence and not really a deterrent (‘Just 48 hours to live’: Staffie left for dead in urine and faeces-filled home, Glasgow Times online).

A lifetime animal ban and jail sentence should be the minimum for animal cruelty.

Simon Taylor
Posted online

YOUR report on a planned addition to St Enoch centre (Go ahead for city axe throwing bar, Friday) left me astounded. Are we really going have a venue where people are able to drink alcohol and throw axes around?

Has this city gone mad?

What next? Kalashnikov bars, grenade throwing bars?

I sincerely hope these are not real axes and I am overreacting.

J Robertson

I WOULD be extremely disappointed if Scotland misses out on hosting matches this summer for the Euros.

We’ve waited long enough to play our part in an event like this and for Scotland to actually make it to a major tournament too.

Jill Reilly