RUTH Davidson, Willie Rennie and others keep on harking on that if Nicola Sturgeon has broken the ministerial code she should resign right away.

Here’s the opening chapter of the ministerial code, chapter one verse one: “Ministers of the crown are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour & to behave in a way that upholds the highest standards of propriety.”

So, does that mean all MPs north and south are going to resign? Because I’ve yet to see any of them behaving in a manner befitting the code, All we hear is slander, name-calling, serving their own interests etc... Either start acting with a bit of decorum and decency or lead by example and RESIGN.

Richard Low


THE rank hypocrisy of the Scottish Tories knows no bounds. While at the same time they are frothing at the mouth that the First Minister should resign over allegedly misleading the Scottish Parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was proven to have misled the Westminster Parliament.

Standing up in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson stated that all Covid-related contracts were “on the record”. This was three days after the High Court ruled the Government had acted unlawfully by failing to publish hundreds of such contracts, which somehow seemed to find their way to those with Tory party connections.

Two weeks prior to this, Matt Hancock (right), the health minister, was found guilty of illegal activity by the High Court, refusing to resign or even apologise when the extent of illegal awarding of PPE contracts was revealed.

Last year Tory Home Secretary Priti Patel was found guilty of breaching the ministerial code by being a bully and shouting and swearing at civil servant employees in the Home Office, recently reaching a £340,000 settlement with the former Home Office Permanent Secretary.

Compare and contrast that with north of the Border, where the Tory party have demanded the resignation of the First Minister even before the outcome of the enquiries into the handling of the Alex Salmond case by the Scottish Government have been published.

Not a chirp from them demanding an apology let alone a resignation for the flagrant abuses by their Westminster colleagues. What hypocrites.

Alex Orr

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SCOTLAND has been a disaster since devolution.Our education and services have gone into decline. Reverse devolution for the sake of our young people.

Sandy Alexander

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