THE scenes in Glasgow at the weekend were an absolute disgrace and embarrassment.

Thousands of thugs masquerading as football fans completely ignoring all Covid safety restrictions, no masks, no social distancing and chanting disgusting sectarian chants into the bargain.

On Saturday they started at Ibrox stadium and on Sunday they descended on George Square which was left in an absolute disgraceful state.

These people have no pride and no sense of moral compass as they are putting lives at risk during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, the police and politicians must share the blame. The police, some of whom are on social media having selfies with the rioters, arrested nobody and appeared to be acting as an escort service for these thugs.

The politicians, keeping their heads down, saying nothing in the hope it will all pass, are equally complicit.

Where was this mythical “red card” we were warned about for football fans?

Finally, not one word of apology from Rangers Football Club or statement asking their fans to show some restraint and common decency until well after.

The whole charade was a complete embarrassment to Scotland yet again.



ARE people allowed to play in large numbers on football pitches currently?

On a pitch near my home on Elderslie Street in Glasgow, I witness dozens playing cricket every weekend, with even more people watching on from the side. Despite calls to the police, they are never moved on.

Surely this is breaching Covid rules? I am unsure what is allowed nowadays.

James Smeaton


WE asked readers via our Facebook page for their memories of the Barras. Here’s a selection of their memories...

I remember the guy who sold the towels. I was really young but remember going there every other weekend with my mum and gran. I was always mesmerised by him throwing free towels away. And I always got a wee bag of mixed candy after it. I loved them.

Lorna Peline

Wee Jamesy Barr with the mouth organ, dancing around.

Tony Hodgon

Freshly-made donuts from a wee toy stall man.

Graeme Pollock